The Importance of Fundraising for a First Aid Charity

“Hi there, my name is… Calling on behalf of…”

Every fundraiser is more than familiar with the title lines above. Personally, sometimes I forget the worth of my words when I say things like “we lose lives every week where first aid could have saved them”.

After fundraising for St John Ambulance for nearly a year and a half now, I got to go to the St John Ambulance Everyday Hero Awards where I saw people from all walks of life that had used their first aid skills to save a life. The ones that stood out to me the most were the nominees of the ‘Guy Evans Award’ presented by his mother who lost him where basic first aid could have given him a chance to live. As she very bravely listed the nominees, we heard about some very young heroes indeed; Dominic Hollinshead, 10 years old, who saved his mother from chocking, and the award winner; Caine Wildman, who performed CPR on his own father at the age of 14 and saved his life. This is the campaign I feel most strongly about; the regular teaching of first aid to children. Reason being is common sense really, but also to ensure we hear more stories of heroes like the children above and not tragic ones like Guy Evans.

The reason we see the nominees as heroes is not just for their courage and quick thinking, we try to imagine ourselves in the same situation (What would you do?) but because there are so few of them… we must get a generation of first aiders out there. Not so we can all be heroes but so we all know what to do. Teaching young kids is the way forward! The Everyday Hero awards gets this message out there with impeccable clarity and has reminded me of my message to people on the doors.






Article by Kayil Connelly – Fundraising Campaign Coach