From Summer Job to Student Ambassador I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wesser, The job was great fun and taught me a lot about charity fundraising while building my confidence when dealing with the general public!

buy provigil nz Joining a live-in team for the summer made the whole experience much more than just a job and it meant I had a great social life during summer even though I was away from home.

I really enjoyed the company seminars and the numerous incentive events. It was also great meeting loads of incredible people who taught me so much.

I was offered the opportunity to become a student ambassador during term time. Doing this I learnt a whole new set of skills as well as being able to work flexibly around uni and earn good money.

Since leaving Wesser I have been able to utilize the experience I gained to secure a years internship with a leading recruitment consultancy making the experience all the more worthwhile!

Ellie Sawyer – Fundraiser and Student Ambassador

My Summer with the Wesser Team

Wesser was a name on paper to me when I first learned of the company in February 2016. I felt that making a great contribution to charity while being trusted to relate with people from all walks of life was an opportunity that I would sorely miss. I’m very glad to have followed that opportunity right through from interview to my final days as a fundraiser.

Before completing my days induction Wesser had already showed me how important acceptance is to the success it shares with its employees. Everyone receives the training and guidance to do great things for their charity, and for themselves, from senior employees who recognise new potential.

Each team leader recognises that potential and strives to make their team aware of how their strengths are unique. I saw a company that appreciated the value of treating its employees as important parts of a closely-nit team, I saw leaders in the company that taught newcomers how to find their own motivation and get the best out of themselves every single day of the week.

During my time in south Wales and Devon I took the opportunity to raise support for St. John Ambulance in new places, and to enjoy the beauty of my new home on my days off! During my working week I often met genuine and inspiring people who wanted to help St. John, all of whom I only ever knew for a few minutes. It was also the mix of those experiences within and without working hours that made life at Wesser so dynamic and unique.

Being invited to a Wesser seminar after my first week was a great experience: for leaning about my role in the company, meeting new team mates, and seeing how the senior management of Wesser can engage so well with even the most inexperienced of fundraisers. It was clear that seniors with responsibility dedicate enormously to recognise hard work, and to ensure every one of their colleagues are looked after well in a team that works best for them.

That first conference I attended was when I, and other students like me, were introduced to the post of becoming Wesser campus ambassadors. I now look forward to building on my experience of being a fundraiser in a completely new way; meeting new potential colleagues who want to learn how to move from strength to strength in a fresh new team just as I did.

On reflection I realised the many reasons I hold Wesser in high regard, but the greatest aspects of the company I discovered were not only whom you might meet on the job, or the benefits of relating with fast friends and colleagues from all corners of the country; it was that you can learn how to develop the best of yourself from every person you meet.

Article by: Leo Mckeever – Fundraiser and Student Ambassador